Please contact us by e-mail or phone:
Weng Khong Yoong E-EDE/OE (Club President),¹
Weng Khong Yoong E-EDE/OE (VP Education [interim]),¹

or another colleague of the club executive board: 
Elisa Manzone (VP Membership),²
TBA (VP Public Relations),²
Lea-Marleen Graetz ESL/R (Treasurer),¹
Martin Ernst EST/BA (Seargant at Arms),¹
Melanie Mertens  E-FTE/EP (Club Secretary),¹
Irina Ablaeva (Immediate Past President, Area Director F01).²
links to ¹BASF intranet,  ²esaySPEAK

alternatively use the contact form below.

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