About Toastmasters

For more than 90 years, Toastmasters International has been recognized as the leading organization dedicated to communication and leadership skill development. Through its worldwide network of clubs, each week Toastmasters helps more than a quarter million men and women of every ethnicity, education level and profession build their competence in communication so they can gain the confidence to lead others.

The world needs leaders. Leaders head families, coach teams, run businesses and mentor others. These leaders must not only accomplish; they must communicate. By regularly giving speeches, gaining feedback, leading teams and guiding others to achieve their goals in a supportive atmosphere, leaders emerge from the Toastmasters program. The organization answers a new generation’s plea: Where can I go to become a better communicator and ultimately, a stronger leader?

Toastmasters continues to build on its legacy by providing a strong foundation for the future. Its proven educational program continually evolves to address the needs of the world’s communicators and leaders both today and tomorrow.

Toastmasters members learn to tell their stories. They listen and answer. They plan and lead. They give feedback – and accept it. Through our community of learners, they find their path to leadership.

„I was surprised about my personal progress with Toastmasters, especially in giving feedback and impromptu speaking.“
Martin Ernst, EST/BA

„An excellent platform to engage with fellow speakers and colleagues in an easy-going yet professional environment. Would highly recommend to everyone who wants to improve his/her public speaking skills (in English) and/or would like to hone his/her leadership skills.“
Subhamoy Bhattacharya, GCP/TD

„Toastmasters activates my English in a holistic way – listening, speaking, reading, writing – all in one meeting session!“
Nok-Young Choi, E-PME/NU

„At first sight Toastmasters offers improvement in speaking and leadership skills. In fact, training the mental strength forms an excellent basis for burn-out prevention.“
Karl-Heinz Hellmann, STRATEGIE kompakt

Toastmasters has helped me become more confident when presenting to any audience. The training and advice given in the form of projects definitely make an impact in the delivery of information. It is also an excellent chance to meet great speakers from all over Germany and learn from there.“
Gabriela Fonseca, GME/W

„Active listening and impactful speaking are the cornerstones of effective leadership. Toastmasters not only allows you to delve deep into these skills, but also provides a secure environment to seek feedback from your peers. A great platform that I can recommend to everyone.“
Nitish Jai Kaul, G-EVW/EM