03 Jul

Meet the BASF Toastmasters Dream Team 2024/2025

From July 2024 to June 2025, these spirited leaders will sprinkle magic over our meetings like confetti at a celebration. Let’s unveil their roles:

Harald Bührer – Club President: The “Captain of Charisma,” steering the ship of eloquence, inspiration, and fellowship!
Fabian Wolff – VP Education: Our “Mastermind Maven” – weaving meeting agendas like a wizard, ensuring every speech sparkles.
Fabian Wolff – VP Membership: The “Enthusiasm Ambassador” – luring new members with charm and a cordial handshake.
Karsten Höflein – VP Public Relations: The “Word Whisperer” – crafting eloquent announcements, turning mundane into marvelous.
Thomas R. Rooney – Treasurer: The “Coin Conjurer” – balancing budgets with flair, making numbers dance the cha-cha.
David Jocher – Secretary: An “Ink Sorceress” – recording club history in invisible ink (just kidding, it’s digital).
Thomas R. Rooney – Sergeant-at-Arms: Our “Logistics Luminary” – arranging chairs, pens, and cosmic alignment for flawless meetings.

Wanna contact them directly? Go to http://basf-toastmasters.com/contact/
Wanna meet them personally? Visit our next Meeting!

16 May

Turn up the Heat on Your Public Speaking Skills

Are you ready to turn up the heat on your public speaking skills? Look no further than BASF Toastmasters this May and June! Here’s why:

  • May: The Month of Blooming Confidence
    Just like spring flowers, your confidence blossoms in May. Stand tall, embrace the podium, and watch your fears wilt away.
    Bonus: If you stumble, blame it on the pollen. It’s a natural excuse!
  • June: The Month of Sun-Kissed Eloquence
    Longer days mean more time to practice. Imagine the sun cheering you on during your speeches!
    Plus, sunscreen doubles as a speech timer. Apply SPF 30, and you’ve got a 30-minute talk.
  • The BASF Toastmasters Secret Ingredient: Laughter
    The secret ingredient of laughter at a Toastmasters Club meeting is its power to relieve stress, boost engagement, and enhance creativity and collaboration1. It’s like adding a pinch of humor to every speech!

So, join us at BASF Toastmasters this May and June. Remember, the only thing more powerful than a well-crafted speech is a good punchline!