03 Jul

Meet the BASF Toastmasters Dream Team 2024/2025

From July 2024 to June 2025, these spirited leaders will sprinkle magic over our meetings like confetti at a celebration. Let’s unveil their roles:

Harald Bührer – Club President: The “Captain of Charisma,” steering the ship of eloquence, inspiration, and fellowship!
Fabian Wolff – VP Education: Our “Mastermind Maven” – weaving meeting agendas like a wizard, ensuring every speech sparkles.
Fabian Wolff – VP Membership: The “Enthusiasm Ambassador” – luring new members with charm and a cordial handshake.
Karsten Höflein – VP Public Relations: The “Word Whisperer” – crafting eloquent announcements, turning mundane into marvelous.
Thomas R. Rooney – Treasurer: The “Coin Conjurer” – balancing budgets with flair, making numbers dance the cha-cha.
David Jocher – Secretary: An “Ink Sorceress” – recording club history in invisible ink (just kidding, it’s digital).
Thomas R. Rooney – Sergeant-at-Arms: Our “Logistics Luminary” – arranging chairs, pens, and cosmic alignment for flawless meetings.

Wanna contact them directly? Go to http://basf-toastmasters.com/contact/
Wanna meet them personally? Visit our next Meeting!